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some projects I worked on

Catch The Night

(iOS, Android)

Are you quick enough to catch a shooting star?

Improve your reflexes and coordination by doing one simple thing - tap the shooting stars. 

Bumpy Birds  

(iOS, Android)

See how far up you can fly while avoiding the enemy bully birds. The game is all about timing your taps, so you can quickly squeeze past enemies, fall back down, or maintain your altitude. 


In this project I worked on the game art, animations and gameplay design. 

(iOS, Android)

Ninja Kitty  

A 2.5D runner game with simple combat, 25 levels, boss battles, and an endless mode. 


My roles included the game art, menu art, 3D animations and I also worked on some of the obstacles. 

Dragon Dash  


Jump over the obstacles in front of you and dodge the three-headed dragon fireball attacks behind you in this three lane endless runner. 


For this game, I designed the player character, made textures, and animated the dragon attacks.


(currently unavailable)



This game is a sidescrolling runner with 25 levels and an endless mode. Forerunner is focused on giving the player control. You can jump, double jump, dive, and slide. 


I worked on the game design, level design, art and animations. 


(currently unavailable)



Oh I have fond memories of our final project at VFS. Nimbus is a 2.5D platformer where you can control all of the moving paltforms around you with one button. 


For Nimbus, I focused on the game design, level design, puzzle design and character design. 

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