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a mobile game by TapChat


Here you will find app links and a collection of artwork I made for the game. 


I have been drawing all my life but never tried much 2D animation until this project. Turns out I enjoy it just as much as 3D animation (maybe a bit more). 


I also tuned the player character collisoins in this game. Originally the collisions were close to the size of the sprites, but I scaled them down to give the player a little more leeway. Players have noted that they enjoy just barely skimming past enemies and getting out of tight situations. 


Adrian Comisel, Chris Ellington, Luis Carlos Rodríguez, Remi Storms, Jared Wuerzburger



Style Concepts

I explored a couple different art styles for this game. After internal discussions and gathering feedback we decided to go with this goofy toon style.  The style pops more with the black outline and lends itself for more humerous and exaggerated animations. I intentionally kept the line work slightly messy to add to the goofy comical tone.


The animations were kept pretty simple in order to meet the quick one month development schedule, but I also learned that short animations sometimes work better than long elaborate ones. 


Dan Paladin's work for The Behemoth was a strong influence for me. I continue to study his work.  





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