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a mobile game by TapChat


Here you will find app links and the game trailer.


This project kept me busy. I worked on all of the all of the character designs, animations, and most of the 3D textures and UI assets. 


I also spent time testing and tuning the obstacles and collisions to avoid unfair deaths. 


Adrian Comisel, Chris Ellington, Remi Storms, 

Jared Wuerzburger



Game Trailer

For the Ninja Kitty design I wanted to strike a balance between cute and cool. 


Getting the scale of the character just right was important to me. The big head and eyes helped with the cuteness but also made the character recognizable on a small screen. 


I also made sure that the limbs where not too small so I could clearly portray sword swings, dive kicks, etc. to the player


The enemies were a lot of fun to design as well. Each enemy had a unique silhouette which helped diversify them yet formed them into a cohesive team of baddies. 

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