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VFS game design final project


Here you will find the game trailer, puzzle walkthroughs, and character turnarounds. 


Most of my time on the project was spent creating puzzles which continually expand the potential of the simple controls. I kept in mind player flow and difficulty progression while creating levels.




Jason Dreger, Chris Pesce, Nguyen Tran,

Jared Wuerzburger



Game Trailer

I really enjoy creating characters. Here is a turnaround for our player character Griff Zochran.


I incorporated lights into his "machine control" backpack device to illuminate the character at all times, making him easier to spot. 


The exhuast on the backpack bellows steam when players use the machine control ability, creating visual feedback for players. The lights also change to a blue tint.


The metal leg helps create a reason for his super human jumps and also releases steam while jumping.


Goggles are  just cool. They add to the steampunk engineer vibe and create a  superhero mystique.



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