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game design documents

Kickflip Ninja 

(concept doc)

This is a concept for an endless runner mobile game featuring a ninja cruising on a skateboard while listening to music on his radio headphones. 


The gameplay mostly consists of platforming with some combat sprinkled in. The controls utilize quick swipe gestures for jumping and attacking.


Unlike most endless runners that last a few minutes, this game will have save points, so a single run in this game could last much longer.

Bad Bots 

(concept doc)

This is a concept an action/strategy game for mobile (could work for browser or PC as well).  Zombieville USA 2 meets XCOM


Robots are invading Big Capitol City. Fortunatley you are in control of an ungergound base to lead the resistance. You will develop high tech weapons, level up top agent soldiers, and shoot up a variety of deadly robots in order to protect all 4 city districts. Finally, you will bring the fight to the robot mother ship. 

More Documents Soon
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